The Spacejetters website has been around for quite a while, ever since I learned to build websites. I've always had a passion for sci-fi movies, sci-fi and fantasy artwork, and certain science fiction and fantasy books that I've read over the years.

Inspired by book cover artists such as Chris Foss, Peter Jones, Chris Moore, Peter Elson and others, many years ago, I started to do my own sci-fi paintings. Then I discovered a 3d program called Bryce, which was mainly for landscapes, but I started building some basic spaceship models in Lightwave and imported them into Bryce to create sci-fi scenes. You can still see some of these at www.3d-spacemodels.co.uk. A few months back, mid 2023, I discovered Ai image generators which gave me a faster outlet for creating pictures from my ideas. I started using Instagram to showcase my visions and now I'm currently updating both Spacejetters websites (.com and .co.uk) with new Ai artwork.

In 2024 I would also like to get back to painting originals from my designs, when hopefully I will have more time. I will then make them available to view on this website when completed.

Like I said, I love science fiction movies, even some of the bad ones (ha ha) and have been greatly inspired by films such as Planet of the Apes, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Forbidden Planet, Alien, Blade Runner, and of course the Star Wars and Star Trek films, to mention just a few. You can see a list of all the films I have watched and enjoyed on the Spaceflicks website at www.spaceflicks.co.uk.

For now, I will continue adding more sci-fi and fantasy images on my Instagram page on a regular basis, many more than you will find here. See https://www.instagram.com/spacejetter/ if you want to follow me. But I will try and keep adding more of my own personal favourite images on the 'Latest Pictures' page, here on the Spacejetters website.

I also would like to invite you to take a look inside the Museum of Intergalactic Art where I have created a fictional universe of worlds and background stories which I plan to expand upon. There are lots of picture there too, which you won't find here. But that website is also a work in progress, and I hope to continue improving the site by adding better content in the near future.

All my websites are designed and built with the enjoyment I get from creating sci-fi and fantasy images to share with fans of the genre, and hopefully they will enjoy them as well. However, these websites do require technical maintenance, so if you like the websites and want me to keep them online and regularly updated, you can show your support by making any purchases you normally make on Amazon through the links on this website. Simply bookmark the Homepage or the Latest Pictures page and use the Amazon links at the bottom of the page for visiting your favourite Amazon store. Any purchase you make can be made without any additional cost to you. You will still pay the same price, but I receive a small commission on items bought. This helps me to cover any technical costs incurred on maintaining this website, as well as Spaceflicks and the 3D Spacemodels website.

That's all folks. Please keep coming back as I hope to keep adding a lot more pictures, including ones that are inspired by movies and TV series. I also plan to produce a few short sci-fi video stories as well.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely
Mikeron (Spacejetter)

Spaceship dogfight in space


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