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3D software Bryce 5
Terrific 3d rendering program at a great price. Famous for it`s ability to render landscapes quickly and effortlessly.
Can import objects in various formats. Features include a tree design lab and sky lab plus network rendering options.
Available from Daz Productions

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Spacejetters art tutorials

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2
The Race

Tutorial 3
Stranded on Zantor

Tutorial 4
Incoming Flight

Tutorial 5

Tutorial 6
Mission Accomplished

Bryce tutorials

3D Text
Bat & Fairy Wings
Breaking Glass
Bryce Tips & Tricks
Brycian Roads
Brycian Trees
Creating Dramatic Clouds
Creating Picture Objects
Creating Planets
Crescent Moons & Planets

Dressing up DXF Models
Galactic Backgrounds
Making Caves
Making Chains
Miracle Trees
Mixing Textures
Moon & Stars
Organic Modelling in Bryce
Pouring Water
Secret Texture Library

Simple Comets
Streaming Light Rays
Terranoids in Bryce
Underwater Tutorial
Virtual Landscapes
Volume Lighting
Volumetric Falling Snow
Web Textures

Poser tutorials

Clothing Figures
Clothing Tutorials
Hair Tutorials
Modelling in Poser
Model Maker’s Guide

Painting Poser Figures
Portraits from a Photo
Poser - Bryce Tutorial
Poser Figures in Bryce
Poser Props and Parts

Saving Poses
Using Morph Targets
Using Transparency Maps
UV Mapper Tutorial
UV Mapper

Lightwave tutorials

Advanced Tutorials
Animated Space Battles
Blowing up a Planet
Dragon’s Head Tutorial
Explosions Tutorial

Beginners Guide
Basics: Rendering
Basics: Surfacing
Basics: Textures
Creating a Shockwave

Modelling 3D Characters
Modelling from Cross Sections
Modelling a Dinosaur
Modelling Spaceships
Spacecraft Models & Textures

3D Studio Max tutorials

Animated Sky Backgrounds
Basic Modelling Techniques
Body Modelling
Cell Shading a Cartoon
Character Animation

Company Logo Animation
Compositing 3D into 2D
Creating Landscapes
Creating Game Models
Creating Underwater Scenes

Dragon Wings
Exploding Car
Explosion Tutorial
Extruded Logo
Water Tutorial

Photoshop tutorials

Bubble Gum Text
Bump Maps for 3D
Chrome Text
Custom Brushes

Embossed Text
Gradient Button Bars
Image Text
Paper, Marble & Water

Liquid Metals
Lighting FX
Making Selections
Ray of Light FX