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101 things to do on the internet

Ever get stuck for ideas when searching the internet? Or wondered where you might find useful information online that could help you with your research? Well take a look at our list of things you can do online, which also includes some of the best reference sites out there.


Share your photographs online
Play chess online
How to make your own wine
10 tips to improve your digital photography
Get free advice on growing flowers and shrubs
Learn to make your own beer
Create a blog about your hobby
101 woodworking tips


Book an affordable vacation (US)
Hire a car and travel Europe
Check for holiday deals (UK)
Search for the most competitive hotel prices
Book a flight from the UK


Search for a book you would like to buy
Read a classic novel by famous authors
Read a short story online


Learn interesting facts about your favorite movies
Play free online games
Tune into UK radio stations with live digital broadcasts
Find discount prices on DVDís and CDís
Check to see whatís on at the cinema in the UK
Read a popular movie script online
Find lyrics for thousands of popular songs


Do something creative with your computer
Find a screensaver for your PC
Find the best web building tutorials
Start to learn HTML
Start to learn javascript
Learn to build your own PC
Scan your computer for viruses


Compare UK prices of a wide range of products
Find some of the best UK clothes shops
Search for the best shops for clothes in the US
Find the best shops for electrical products in the UK
Visit the biggest online auction in the world
Find US dealers selling electronics


Find ways to increase your income
Compare prices of UK gas and electricity suppliers
Plan your retirement

Arts & crafts

Learn to draw pencil portraits of famous people
Start collecting Spacejetters prints
Learn to make an instructional video


Learn to play the guitar
Learn to play the piano
Find free sheet music online


Read and learn some jokes
Find funny quotations
Search for the funniest online video clips
Read your daily horoscope


Search for symptoms of health problems
Learn how to give a massage


How to improve your memory
Learn to read faster
Get advice on d.i.y. jobs around the house
Research your ancestry
Find help in solving a crossword puzzle
Refer to a dictionary
Read articles on a variety of subjects
Find informative facts about countries around the world
Travel information guides
Learn all kinds of things at Expert Village

News & weather

Watch the latest video news reports from CNN
Read the latest world news from the BBC
Check the latest weather report
Find an American newspaper


Find a friend with similar interests
Send a free online greetings card


Find the pathways to peace
Watch the heartwarming interview with God


Start your own home based business
Write a business plan for a UK business


Start learning to speak French
French dictionary
Start learning to speak Italian
Italian dictionary
Start learning to speak Spanish
Spanish dictionary
Start learning to speak German
German dictionary
Translate words in different languages


Find a college course in the UK
Find a university in the UK
Find student accomodation in the UK
Find a college course online
Find an American university

Home & garden

D.i.y. tips to improve your home
Find property for sale or rent in the UK
Find property for sale in the USA
Find an apartment in the USA
Find online UK shops for home and garden products
Find shops for home and garden products in the USA
Read articles about home improvement

Food & drink

Find recipes for all kinds of meals


Learn to maintain your car in good condition
Read articles about motoring
UK streetmaps
Multimap locations
Find a new or used car in the UK
Find a new or used car in the USA


Search for a job in the UK
Search for a job in the USA