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Theme parks around Benidorm Spain
by Robert Carlton

Benidorm, which is located just 20 minutes north of the city of Alicanteon the Costa Blanca coast Spain, is such as action-packed city. Even thoughit has a beautiful stretch of soft sandy beaches, we should leave this leisureactivity for the end because there are so many kinds of tourist parks to visitaround Benidorm.

The biggest Attraction around Benidorm: Terra Mitica
This park in English is called ´Mythical Land´, because it isa theme park which takes us back to the ancient civilizations of Rome, Egyptand Greece, all of which were Mediterranean civilizations. As we all know,the heroes from those times were very brave, not letting anything or anyonefrighten them. Do you think you will be like them after having ridden on thetopsy turvy roller coaster? Or controlling your heartbeat after riding on manyof the other attractions especially set up for you? Maybe you think you willrecover a little after watching one of the gladiator shows? Your adrenalinwill be pumping fast with all the professional actors making ancient life comeso close to you. There is also a part of this park for adventurous kids too.Terra Mitica is open all year round; from November to April it is only openat the weekends and on Spanish holidays. The entrance fee is approximately40 euros but if you go in groups consult prices. Terra Mitica is found just
five minutes north of Benidorm, easily accessible by bus or car.

Aqualandia Water Amusement Park
So you want to cool down a little but the beach is not your cup of tea? Hereat Aqualandia you can enjoy a days outing with the whole family. The childrencan slide down all the water slides as many times as they wish, always beingwell cared for by the lifeguards on duty. There are water shutes of every size,diving board areas, rapidly moving waters and even a black hole. For the sunbeauties like mum and grandma, you can lay around on comfortable hammocks andenjoy a picnic lunch in the shaded areas. It is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
and is located on the north entrance hillside to Benidorm.

Another view on the Costa Blanca at the Terra Natura Park
This is not like any other wildlife park. Here, there are four theme areasand a water park. 1.500 animals of over 200 species, 50 of which are in dangerof extinction. What a privilege to be the lucky ones to see these living specimensup close! And not only these animals but their natural habitats and fauna whichmakes their living quarters appropriate for them. As you enter the park, thefirst area to visit is the Pangea, taking you back in time to hen there wererivers petrified from hot burning lava, abundant vegetation hiding giganticinsects and many other surprises. To the left you are carried away to America,discovering an old mine converted into a tropical farm. The colorful macawsare found in the dove cove and later on the old joins the new in the colonialtown of Copaltenango. In the center is Asia. As you stroll through the naturalreserve of Kaziranga, you are able to see rhinoceros, buffalos and the templeof the wildcats. In this section there is a marvelous park for children toplay in. And last, but of course not least, is Europe. In the town of Kalicameni,white-washed and full of comedians and natives singing their local songs. Allthis may sound tiring, but there are many a new food to be tried and a thirst-quenchingdrink to be had at any of the fabulous restaurants. And for those who needan extra thrill, in the Mare Nostrum waterway, you are fully equipped to havesplash with live sharks! Terra Natura is open all year round, offering specialpasses for those who know how to appreciate a good opportunity and to take
advantage of it as often as possible.

Benidorm and the Doliphins at the Mundomar Marine Animal Park
Do you enjoy the water and its interesting animal kingdom but prefer to beon land? Then Mundomar (Seaworld) Marine Animal park is your best bet. Allof us have read adventure stories about dolphins and feel that they are ourfriends, well it’s time to visit them. Here we can see the silly anticsof these adorable sea creatures close up. Or chat up a conversation with thecolourful parrots. The elegance and grace is personified with the exhibitionof flamingos, so pink! Who has not had a turtle in their home as a pet, butto see ones that you could probably ride is another surprise. But, are youstill even more curious and want to see what the marine world is like underthe water. Well, we can all become Ariel, or Sebastian as in the Little Mermaidbook and go down into a ship and have a look around the sea bottom. Refreshmentsand resting places are abundant. It is open at 10:00 a.m., adults are 18 euros,children 3-12 years old 12 euros and under 3 are free. The entrance is nearthe cross roads of Avenue Mediterranean and Avenue Europe. Do not miss this
amazing experience!

Between Calpe Pego and Oliva: The Vergel Park
If your travels have taken you along the coast heading towards Valencia,then it would be well worth making a stop off highway A-7 exit no. 61 passing Calpe, which indicates the towns of Pego and Oliva and just follow the signsto this safari park, found near Ondara. There are all kinds of wild animalsto be touched, fed and observed. For a little extra fun time activity, thekids can let their hair fly in the wind when riding a go kart, mini train orponies. There are even some marine animals like dolphins and sea lions. Itis a relaxing and educational day excursion for the whole family. It is onlyopen in the summer from 10:00 in the morning til 7:00 in the evening.

Looking at this huge selection of theme parks and tourist attractions around Benidorm and the Costa Blanca, you certainly will find your favourite one onyour next holidays around the spanish coast. Make your stay in Benidorm a complete
one and visit each and every one, all unique.

With his spanish wife and daughter, the writer Robert Carlton lives in a suburb of Alicante. You can contact him via his web site at http://www.alicante-spain.com/benidorm.html