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The ABCs Of Snowboarding Gear
by Scott Fromherz

There are basic snowboarding gear that every snowboarder needs for this winter sport and wearing the best apparel would lead to better performance of different snowboarding styles and snowboarding tricks. In most cases, the best way to suit oneself for snowboarding activity is to have the right snowboarding gear and very often.

This means dressing in layers because that would allow the snowboarder to adapt to sudden changes in temperature and shed layers that are not required and avoids overheating or pushing too much the limits of endurance. The major concerns to successful layering are to stay warm, weigh the correct amount and manage moisture and pack the correct number of layers. This may mean using the three layer system which is ideal for the majority of winter sports.

One could start off with underwear and socks which is called the inner layer and this snowboarding gear helps to trap warmth against the body while at the same time wicking moisture away from the skin. This may be followed by a middle layer that consists of general apparel as well as a fleece jacket that provides added insulation as well as transfers moisture to the next layer. The outermost layer is used for protection from wind and rain and also to expel unwanted moisture. There are many variations as to what snowboarding gear to wear and the reasons for wearing it.

Socks, boots, thermal underwear and pants, jackets, beanies, hats and helmets

The base layer snowboarding gear is designed to conserve the heat of the body as well as to stay warm as well as dry and the best material for this purpose is wicking material. Woolen snowboarding gear may work all right but are less comfortable and quite itchy. Thermal body shirts are a first level item of clothing which helps the snowboarder stay warm and dry. Another snowboarding gear is the right boot and socks that fit and is vital in keeping the feet dry, warm and comfortable and also help to act as padding against hard impacts.

The second layer of snowboarding gear should be made from materials that trap warm air next to the user’s body and for this one may choose wool and fleece. Fleece jackets or sweaters are a second layer snowboarding gear and fleece is a major component that helps retain warmth and is also lightweight and so easy to breathe. Thermal pants should be on top of the base layer and should be roomy and one should ensure that there is no pinching in the crotch area. No snowboarding gear would be complete without snowboarding boots who help keep the snowboarder connected to the snowboard and choosing quality snowboard boots will last for long time to come. Finally, one may complete the snowboarding gear requirements with a beanie, hat or helmet.

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