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Find a wide range of articles in the Spacejetters articles archive

Tips for safer computing

New computer viruses threaten the unwary user everyday. Hackers jeopardize your online security with invasive computer techniques to steal your passwords, personal information, even identity. Unscrupulous marketers bait you with free software that unleashes.... read more

How to gain an avalanche of energy

For many people out there trying to become more energised and active they are terrified of committing to daily activity. It is so engrained in their minds that they might over train that they literally shy away from daily physical training and instead follow the herd and train two or three times per week. If you really want to create energy, enthusiasm, and positive forward momentum in your life then... read more

How to save money when travelling

Do you know you can go on a 7-day cruise for half the price? Or visit Europe for 15 days for only $2,000 per person including airfare, hotels, car rental and meals?
If you follow these steps, you can save more up to 50% in travel expenses....
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Lose weight the healthy way

It's definitely no fun to lose weight -- put it back on, lose weight, put it back on, and so on. Just as you learn the rules of a new diet, you find yourself trying to get around them. What if all you had to do to lose weight was to eat less? You may think it can't be done.... read more

How to Start A Business Plan

A business plan precisely defines your business, identifies your goals, and serves as your firm's resume. The basic components include a current and pro forma balance sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow analysis. It helps you allocate resources properly, handle unforeseen complications, and make good business decisions. Because it provides specific and organized information about your company and how you will....
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Home interior design tips on wall art
If a room in your house lacks character, simply placing some fine art prints on the walls can actually make quite an impact. Wall pictures are a necessary accessory in your home and are great to tie in with the room's style and color accent.  Before you go off to buy some... read more

Arthritis relief and your diet

Arthritis affects more than 40 million Americans and is referred to as the most common chronic disease in people over 40. Doctors believe there are over 100 different forms of arthritis, all sharing one main characteristic: they all cause joint inflammation.... read more

Villa holiday or package holiday?

Everybody knows someone who has been on one and an awful lot of people have been on one themselves. Yes we are talking about the age old Package holiday. The safest, most common holiday. Package holidays have been around for years and I am sure everyone will know someone that has went to a travel agent and booked a holiday through them. Is the tide turning though? Have people found a better way to enjoy their holidays costing them a fraction of travel agent prices? read more

10 tips for better sleep

We all need some help now and then in getting to sleep. Rather than just popping a pill which can be habit forming and lead to more sleep problems in the long term, try these sleeping tips. One or more of them will... read more

A brief introduction to digital photography

Digital photography is quickly becoming more and more popular as digital cameras become more affordable. Until recently, digital cameras, particularly at the cheaper end of the price range, have not always fulfilled their promise of producing prints that are equal in quality with standard photographic prints from a conventional film camera. However, newer models are closing the gap and the quality of digital prints are now becoming.... read more