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Some of the PC utilities listed below are available free to download
or as a free trial and some require immediate payment.

DVD copiers

DVD Cloner III
DVD Cloner is designed to backup your favorite DVD movies. It's main features include the ability to copy DVD Dual layer disks (8.5GB DVD+R supported) and create high speed DVD copies. Supports up-to-date DVD burners. Perfect 1:1 DVD copies can be made and upgrading is free for all registered users. Free trial download is available through this link.
DVD Cloner III

Clone DVD
DVDXStudios CloneDVD is a DVD movie backup utility. You can copy all of your DVD movie collections even those CSS-encrypted and region-protected discs. Without special setting, just one click the mouse, DVDXStudios CloneDVD will automatically remove CSS protection and region codes during copying. Perfect 1:1 copy, without warning & watermark as original disc, the copied disc works well with most popular home DVD players. DVDXStudios CloneDVD makes DVD to DVD copying come true. With a DVD burner, you will get true DVD copies of your DVD collection. It is completely the same as the DVD movie you bought. Click here to view the interface or click the this link to make a purchase Clone DVD

Audio convertors

Audio convertor
Ease Audio Converter is a powerful audio converter which can convert audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP4, M4A from one to another. It offers a couple of unexpected features, such as audio volume normalization, re-sampling, re-channel, tag information, and bit rate, auto renaming with tag information etc. Easy to use - Just one click of  the button! It offers a clear-cut interface and features large icons for performing all major actions. Supports ID3v1 and v2 tag (Artist/Title/Genre and so on)
Free trial version available via this link.
Ease Audio Convertor

Power CD to MP3 Maker
CD to MP3 Maker is a powerful and extremely ease-to-use tool for converting audio CD tracks to audio format MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG. It copies the audio digitally with excellent output quality and high speed. CD to MP3 Maker adopts advanced LAME Encoder and OGG codec, allows you to generate various qualities of MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG files. Supports FreeDB which downloads CD information such as title, artist, and album from the Internet. CD to MP3 Maker supports multiple drivers. With full CD audio playback control function, you can use CD to MP3 Maker as a freedb-aware CD player. Click here to view the interface or click the link below for more information and how to purchase. Power CD to MP3 Maker


Protect your PC
against spyware attacks, including keyloggers, trojans, malicious cookies, worms, hijackers, password stealers and other threats.

Advance defrag
Completely defrag and optimize the system performance of your PC in  just minutes using this advanced defrag technology.

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