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Weightwatchers UK - One of the worlds leading authorities on weight loss, Weight Watchers International has helped millions of people worldwide to lose weight.

Nature’s Own - Nature's Own offer a wide range of Vitamin and Mineral supplements delivered directly to your door and have been supplying food supplements for 25 years

NHS Direct - Seek health-related advice through the NHS Direct online website which is packed with helpful information. Includes self-help advice and an encyclopedia covering a wide range of health topics.

The Fitness Jumpsite - The Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite is a powerhouse full of fitness, health and nutrition information.

Family First Aid - Useful tips on everyday first aid as well as what to do in an emergency. Features on how to keep your family safe and sound at home and abroad.

1stVitality - Health through nutrition. Vitamins, minerals and supplements including collagen combine to offer many health solutions. Nutrition programmes for slimming, cancer, allergies, immunity, depression, arthritis and much more.

Pharmacy2u - Pharmacy 2 u presents low price pharmaceutical products delivered to your door. Offering a wide range of medicine, vitamins and health & beauty products.

Slimsteady - The slimsteady range features 100% natural, proven, slimming products containing a host of beneficial nutrients. Get in shape and stay healthy with slimsteady. - Diet site that offers free dietary and recipe analysis to track your nutritional intake and weight. Other topics include sports nutrition, herbs and more. - The Healthboards website offers an extensive list of health topics arranged by general headings for different types of information. Their message boards for specific health concerns are free to participate in.

Think Natural - Award winning archive of natural health information plus secure online shopping for vitamins, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, ayurvedic and Chinese herbal supplements.

KidsHealth - For anyone who isn't into team sports, there are some really fun exercise choices to keep you physically and mentally fit.

Keep Fit Association - The Keep Fit Association (KFA) gives thousands of us the opportunity to get together in a spirit of fun and friendship to exercise regularly together.