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Not many people know this but Spacejetters originally started out as a hobby site designed to showcase the 3D artwork I began to produce way back in 2001 using the popular 3D modelling and rendering program Bryce 3D.

Back then it was the company Metacreations which produced and distributed Bryce, but since then it has changed hands and is now produced by Daz 3D in the latest version of Bryce 7. Thereís also a free version that Daz have made available and you can download it at Download.com. It has most, but not all, of the features of the new version.

Although there are a few more advanced 3D modelling and rendering programs available on the market, Bryce still remains one of my favorite programs for creating digital artwork quickly and easily. In 2006 however, as Spacejetters began to grow and expand into a directory of sites and resources, I found itís original concept had somehow become lost so I decided to seperate www.spacejetters.com and www.spacejetters.co.uk into two different sites (initially they were integrated together which eventually meant it became harder and harder to navigate easily) Now www.spacejetters.com has become more focused on the task of providing visitors a quick way to find the best websites out there in cyberspace. While www.spacejetters.co.uk remains dedicated to itís origins as a 3D art site, with galleries and tutorials based around science fiction and fantasy imagery.

For those who are new to creating digital art with their computer we would like to give you the opportunity to help you get started in this absorbing hobby by making available the Spacejetters 3D model collection free to download and use with Bryce. Just click on the picture or the link provided above. The models are available in .3ds format and can be easily imported into Bryce to design and make exciting sci-fi artwork that you can use in any way you see fit. For example, comic book illustration, posters, t-shirt designs etc. or simply to print out and frame to hang on your wall.

The artwork displayed here is a recent piece I knocked up in around 40 minutes or so.

Using the Spacejetters models and applying some simple materials to the hulls of the spacecraft and the buildings. It was then just a case of choosing a suitable sky preset within Bryce and arranging the models into a dynamic composition to get the required effect.


After a little touching up in Photoshop to apply the engine smoke trails the end result is as you see here.
It takes a bit of practice to get good results every time, but anyone with an ounce of creativity in their blood and some good ideas will soon get the hang of it.

For more information on creating your own 3D digital art visit www.spacejetters.co.uk and 3D space models for free 3D models, free 3D tutorials and more 3D artwork.