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Free Flash tutorials

Flash Perfection - A comprehensive resource of Flash tutorials including how to create special effects, 3d effects, plus many more Flash techniques.

Free Flash Tutorials - Very stylish website with high quality graphics demonstrating the power and versatility of Flash.

New Tutorials - Free Flash tutorials that can help you learn to use this very popular software that's used for online marketing and presentations

Free Flash Adobe Tutorials - Another good site for anyone trying to get to grips with Adobe’s Flash software. God site for beginners.

Free 3D tutorials

Flash Perfection - A tutorial database site featuring free tutorials for 3D software users, in particular users of 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, SoftImage and Cinema 4D. The site is updated daily with new 3D tutorials being added regularly.

Maya Tutorials - A site for more advanced 3D users specialising in Maya

3D Lessons - Good selection of 3D tutorials for most of the leading 3D software applications including Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Maya, Poser and others.


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Photography tips
Learn to improve your digital photography with over 100 Free photo tips and more at Phototopics

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