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Let’s get creative
Isn’t it wonderful what you can do with a personal computer these days? I bought my first PC back in 1997 with the main purpose of using it to edit video footage in digital quality instead of analogue. Along the way I discovered my computer could be used for so many other things including building my own websites (and for others too), designing and creating artwork for publication and personal satisfaction, creating music, playing music, designing and printing stationary, playing games and so much more.

Of course most people use their computers for sending and receiving emails, surfing the internet and downloading music. But there is so much more you can do! So, if you’re new to computers or running out of ideas, here’s a list of some interesting and creative things to do with your computer, with articles and links to the most informative sites that teach you the basics, as well as the more advanced stuff, to help you get your creative juices flowing.


Make money, save money

3D art tutorials
Computer art tutorials
Comic art tutorials
Computer music making
Desktop publishing tutorial

Design a t-shirt

Design a website
Design your own fonts
Design your own stationery
Digital photography
Digital video editing
Make a business card

Make a movie
Photoshop tutorials
Turn photos into art
Writing letters
Writing a novel
Writing a screenplay

More things you can do with your computer
Not the creative type? There’s plenty more things you can do with your PC.
Here’s a list of some of them...


Buy and sell stuff online
Check your ancestry
Do the UK lottery online
Save money on your bills
Read a short story
Get a personal number plate
Book a holiday
Calculate your body mass
Compare currency values
Read a funny story
Download free software
Email a friend
Check your spelling
Learn about the human body
Find a business idea

Download some music
Have a laugh
Discover the world
Read the news
Watch a funny video
Learn a poem
Read a classic book
Read your horoscope
Check the calendar
Find an old school friend
Enhance your PC
Start a new hobby
Read a comic
Watch a free movie online
Test your intelligence

Find a car to buy
Play a game online
Find an address location
Check the weather
Phone a friend with your PC
See what’s on TV
Read a monologue
Find a job
Try a new recipe
Protect your PC privacy
Make a date online
Read about any film
Find out about your area
Learn to speak French
Learn to speak Spanish