Welcome to Spacejetters, the science fiction and fantasy web portal and art site with free entry to the Museum of Intergalactic Art where various
science fiction and fantasy artists will amaze you with stunning images of intergalactic spaceships, alien landscapes, space battles, robots and androids.
Plus aliens and alien civilisations in far away galaxies and many other visions of the future.
Many of these sci-fi and fantasy artwork creations are produced digitally using software such as Bryce 3D, Studio Max and Lightwave.
Others are painted using more traditional methods. Some are available as digital prints. There`s no doubt however that these fantastic
images, whether painted by hand or created digitally, showcase the talents of some very imaginative sf/fantasy artists.

Enter Spacejetters now, explore cyberspace, view the art galleries, check out the Bryce tutorials, download the free 3D models, see the top 100 sci-fi films
  and find out how to get your free sci-fi screensavers, 3d sci-fi models and the Spacejetters CD-rom of science fiction and fantasy art.
Also check out the Museum of Intergalactic Art where you can visit the planetarium, see strange new worlds, enjoy the
VR suite with it`s panoramic views, and purchase a range of SF and fantasy art prints, as well as science fiction
movie posters, books, videos and games from the museum and spacejetters shop.

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